We encourage all of our customers to save for the future. FCB has several options to help with the goal of saving money.

First Citizens Bank is here to help you reach your savings goals. We know that finding money to set aside for saving is tough in this economy so we have several options to accommodate any budget. Whether you’re adding to your current nest egg, ready to start setting aside money for your children, or looking to save for future purchases, we make it easy for you to get started and save routinely.


  • Regular Savings – Account that allows you to start saving at any age by earning interest on your balance while having easy access to the account.
  • Money Market – Account that offers higher interest rates on higher account balances while still having easy access to the account.
  • Christmas Club – Savings account with a specific goal in mind. You are able to save throughout the year, so that you are financially prepared when Christmas arrives.
  • CD – Certificates of Deposits (CDs) pay our higher interest rates and offer a variety of short and long terms for our customers’ investments needs.
  • IRA – Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) enable our customers to plan for their retirement by choosing from both Traditional and Roth options.


First Citizens Bank is pleased to now offer online account opening to serve you, our customer. Whether you need one of our checking account options, a savings account or want to apply for a loan, we are here to serve you!


Electronic Banking

Manage your account anytime, anywhere with telephone, online, or mobile banking.

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