Commercial Loans

At First Citizens Bank, we value our business customers who drive our economy and create jobs. Small business is big business. Let us help you discover the right solution in your business financial decisions.
Sometimes a loan is all it takes to boost a business. First Citizens Bank has the financial solutions you need to fund your next great idea for growth. Our commercial loans offer flexible terms and competitive rates to help cover most of your financing needs, whether you want to build new facilities, fix up your store front, or stockpile inventory before your busiest time of year.

When you need short-term cash, maybe to supplement your working capital or to meet payroll, a line of credit is often the best way to borrow. Whatever your plans, a line of credit from First Citizens Bank is a great way to meet your short-term funding needs.

With a line of credit, you’re pre-approved to draw up to a specified amount. An unsecured option is available for approved borrowers, but in most cases a credit line is secured by your business assets. A First Citizens Loan Officer can give you further details on our commercial lines of credit and help you decide which loan is right for you.

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