Bill Pay upgrade coming December 18th!

Please pardon our progress!  First Citizens Bank’s online Bill Pay system will be unavailable the weekend of December the 15th while we upgrade to a new system.  Don’t panic… all of your Payees and Scheduled Payments will transfer over to the new system automatically.

There are a few new features you can be excited about, such as:

  • A new look and feel
  • Immediate debit when the payment is made, rather than waiting for a check to clear.
  • eBill presentment is available.  You can have your electronic bills delivered directly to your Bill Pay system.
  • Gift checks/donations – choose from a variety of designs of gift checks or make charitable donations and receive receipt for tax purposes
  • P2P payments are available.  Send money directly to individuals through a web/email interface.
  • A more detailed payment history is available in a time-line format

Please take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the new look and feel before December 18th by clicking through this interactive demo:

Interactive Demo

If you are a current Bill Pay user, we are sure you are going to love these new enhancements.  If you are not a current user, please contact a customer service representative today and find out how to get started.  Bill Pay is one of the most useful tools First Citizens Bank can offer its customer so don’t miss out. Call today!

Check out this guided demo if you are not sure if Bill Pay is right for you:

Guided Demo